About the "SKILLZ" project

About the "SKILLZ" project

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About Us

The Ministry of Education established the "SKILLZ" program in 2015 to promote and lead technological education for K12 students. The “SKILLZ” team works in close collaboration with IATI (The Israel Advanced Technology Industries), whose mutual efforts have already made a major impact on the approach to technological education, and on the quantity and quality of the technological education in Israel. Last year, 350,000 students (with increasing numbers annually), from all over the country were introduced to “STEM” educational fields, such as programming, mathematics, robotics, engineering, and electronics. In addition to the scholastic impact of ths program, the “SKILLZ” program also has a major social significance. “SKILLZ” invests specific efforts in targeting social and geographical fringe populations. This year, “SKILLZ” is expanding and supporting a "Programming and Robotics" curriculum designated for elementary schools. “SKILLZ”s' future objective is to become the most dominant learning/teaching platform in the Israeli school system, with the long-term goal of eventually creating a "flip classroom" educational policy in which the children will study at home and practice and ask questions at school. All this is currently implemented within the "Cyber Championship" framework. The "Cyber Championship" is an online digital learning platform composed of educational computer games systems, suitable for children. This digital platform empowers innovative learning tools while supporting the cognitive learning skills of the 21st century students – the “Z” generation. Our program encourages local authorities, schools, and parent involvement. All these factors unite to advance educational excellence and values. Volunteers for the leading high-tech companies in Israel and from elite IDF technological units are recurted as professional mentors for the children. These partnerships expose the children to major scientific and technical fields and create a favorable awareness of the “SKILLZ” program and its contribution to Israeli society on a national level.

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Educational and Pedagogical Innovation

The program implements the leading educational and pedagogic approaches in the world today:

Peer Learning

  • Ownership of learning is transferred to the student.
  • Strengthens levels of cognitive skills when peers are of different levels of ability.
  • Builds a collective feeling of responsibility toward achieving success and the decision-making process.
  • Involves emotional-social engagement and requires active participation.

Personalized Learning

  • A flexible learning environment adapted to each students level.

Learning by Gamification

  • Encourages motivation, retention and increases student engagement.
  • Increases the sense of self competence by succeeding in challenges.
  • Provides real-time feedback and empowers the learning experience.
  • Availability of learning tools contributes to the improvement of student performance.

Entrepreneurial thinking

  • Striving for innovative, efficient and quality "groundbreaking" ideas.
  • Develops strategic vision in planning, implementation and monitoring.
  • Develops analytical, abstract, logical and creative thinking in problem solving.
  • Develops flexible thinking that enables one to evaluate the potential for success of ideas.

A National Vision & Perspective

The program's vision was a product of the desire to provide all Israeli students access to advanced “STEM” fields. Thus enabling equal opportunity for all children, to fulfill and maximize their potential for excellence, with no regard to their socio-economic background. We believe that this educational platform constitutes a significant tool for social mobility in the future. Government, industry, and academia are busy looking for creative ways to cultivate and encourage Israeli students to study science and technological fields. Their goal is to prepare the next generation and to maintain Israel's advantage as one of the leading startup nations in the world. Therefore, “SKILLZ”s rationale is in congruence with Israel’s national strategic goals. Motivating the younger generation to study and excel in science and technological fields, will create tomorrow’s engineers!

DDD Conference 2019

The Israeli Ministry of Education and Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI) are collaborating in promoting technological education in Israel. The main joint activity is the Israeli Cyber Championship, which is being held for the fifth year, focusing on programming, mathematics and electronics. Robotics will be added this year. The championship combines a collection of competitions for 1st to 12th graders. As a result of the competitions, collaboration began in the development of curricula, teaching materials and MOOCs in the fields of computer science and electronics. In the last competition, we held a panel on "New Doors for High-Tech". The panelists were Yossi Vardi; Yossi Matias, VP Engineering at Google and Chairman of the MNC Forum at IATI; Shahar Bar-Or, VP Embedded Engineering at Western Digital and Chairman of the IATI Education Committee; Dorit Dor, VP Products at Check Point, Peretz Regev CEO PayPal Israel, Ofer Rimon Deputy Director General of Ministry of Education. Next year (April 2019) we will organize for the first time, a conference that will be held annually, in parallel with the competition, titled “DDD” (Education, Industry and Academy). The conference will have two sessions: the first will deal with technology and its educational aspects, and the second with technological education. The Turing award was given this year to Patterson and Hennessy for their research on architecture and the development of RISC. We decided that the theme of the technology session would be processor architectures. The conference's target audience is academicians in the fields of technology, electronic and software engineers, teachers and computer science and electronics students (high school, grads. and postgrads.) The conference will be held by the Israeli Ministry of Education in cooperation with IATI.